What Your Neighbors Say About Us:

John Brasaemle of Arvada 
"Jake, Dean and Todd were very considerate, knowledgeable and hard working."

Wayne Nelson of Arvada 
"Very professional! Kevin and Mike took extra steps to ensure satisfaction, Dean and James were very knowledgeable and friendly. It was worth the extra few bucks! Thanks."

Wayne Sandfort of Arvada 
"We were very pleased with the product and the professionalism of your staff."

Phyllis McElhinney Of Arvada 
"This crew doesn't need any improvement that we can think of! They were friendly, polite, personable, and efficient."

Lance Ziettlow of Arvada 
"The technicians (Jake and James) were very friendly, knowledgeable and were a pleasure to have in my home."

Margaret Kelly of Arvada 
"You did a very good job! Thanks James and Todd!"

Chris Mastin Of Arvada 
"Service is impeccable, prompt, courteous and efficient!"

Robert Demaray of Arvada 
"Great Job! Good Workers!"

Carmen Nelson of Arvada 
"I was very pleased!"

Diane Doger of Arvada 
"Matt and Jeremy were wonderful, Thank you!"

 Diana Mehlbach of Arvada 
"We were very pleased with all the work done."

R. Williamson of Arvada 
"Did a very nice job."

Ellen Zeller of Arvada 
"Jake and Todd were very nice. They were fast and efficient. (Wish Jake and his family could buy the house behind me.)"

Jim Seavery Of Arvada 
"The Installers Did A Great Job. Very Friendly. Thanks!"

Warran Discher Of Aurora 
"Hardest Working Team That Ever Did A Job For Us!"

Geriveve Brasher of Aurora 
"Keep up the good work."

Dalton Ford of Aurora 
"I am in the home building industry. I was impressed with Jamie's concern and work.""

William Hunter of Aurora 
"Already very satisfied."

Bill Meyers of Aurora 
"Looks pretty good to me."

Joseph Silva of Aurora 
"Everything went like clockwork, the techs really work well together. Thank you!"

Richard Ware of Aurora 
"All the technicians were clean, courteous, and professional. This made a usually unpleasant experience of such magnitude much more pleasing. They were very informational with all of my questions."

Connie Head of Aurora 
"Very Pleased."

 Jakie Taylor of Aurora 
"I appreciated their willingness to deal with and attempt to solve the problem."

Shirley Wilson of Aurora 
"I've always been satisfied with Coffman and Co."

Mary Agneur of Aurora 
"Be sure to praise you technicians when you receive these good reports. Frank did an excellent job! Give him a raise!"

Steve Caffery of Aurora 
"Thank you for all your great customer service from Jamie(the one who first called) to John and Nick our installers. Great Job!"

Edith Brady of Aurora 
"You did everything great! Thanks!"

Fran McDonald of Aurora 
"Great job, very professional!"

Carol Peters of Aurora 
"Good, prompt work. Courteous, efficient installers."

 Sherry Armelin of Aurora 
"I was very pleased with all work done."

Greg Greenan of Boulder 
"Excellent Work!"

Marvin and Mary Floyd of Boulde
"This was really good service and so fast!"

Frank and Ginger Thom of Boulder 
"It was a pleasure to have Gregg and Trey do the work on our home. They were both exceptionally nice and professional."

Bill & Carol Gleason of Broomfield 
"We could not have asked for better service or timing. Everything went like clockwork. James, Todd and Greg (the electrician) were very helpful and complete."

Kelly Valdez of Broomfield 
"They were fast in getting the job done and nice."

Linda Ploucher of Broomfield 
"Very pleased!"

Susan Faldinson of Broomfield 
"Overall, we were very pleased with the work and have referred you to friends."

Barb Schaeffer of Broomfield 
"Everything was professional. My inspection was done and he said it looked great. Thank You!"

Dean and Pat Wilson of Broomfield 
"We were very pleased and recommend them highly."

Steven Heidrick of Broomfield 
"All the technicians were very courteous, quite knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. Pride is taken in working for Precision Air by all I have interacted with."

Kathy Surat of Centennial 
"Both technicians(John W. and Jeremy) were very professional, answered all my questions and did a thorough job."

Helen Delaney of Denver 

Sandra Weider of Denver 
"Exceptional customer service - Jake went out of his way to help with "little tasks" that really made a difference in the overall quality and service."

Micheal Tapia of Denver 
"The entire crew was EXCELLENT! I would recommend B&F Heating and Coffman Electric without hesitation. Crews also had great teamwork. Thanks."

Bill Volk of Denver 
"Very pleased with the relationship established and good report. All these men were excellent!"

Mrs. Finholm Of Denver 
"They Did A Great Job, Considering Having A Crawlspace To Work In. Scott Was Great! John Also."

Louise Hopkins of Denver 
"I wish to compliment you on the quality staff you hire.  In my experience your staff and organization is truly delivering on customer service.  They have also done well with follow through and standing behind their service."

Wilma J. Gillespie and family of Denver 
"Not only do I want to commend Ed Schroeder, but I certainly commend B&F and Coffman for their fine products, fair charges, quality technicians and office staff, and consistent excellence. Thank you very much."

Linda Barnewall of Denver 
"Great job, a long day."

Mary Brown of Denver 
"I've been very pleased with this company from the repair technician to the salesman to the installation technicians(John W. and Luther H.) they were great. Nice guys - explained things as they went along and really worked hard - didn't take any breaks. Hard working guys."

Donald Allen of Denver 
"Excellent Job!"

Pamela Kirk of Denver 
"Excellent team - very helpful, answered all questions and did a great job overall."

Marilyn Kolar of Denver 

Ron Lynn of Denver 
"The technicians were very polite - Good Work!"

Grey Papantonia of Denver 
"Good Job. No Suprises. On-time Installation."

Marcia Eberly Of Englewood 
"We Very Much Appreciated The Prompt Service - Both The Estimate And Installation."

Mike Schizas of Englewood 
"Everyone did a great job!"

Mike Simon of Englewood 
"Everything was great. John and Zach did a fine job. Thanks!"

Carolyn Duncan of Englewood 
"Great Service!"

Edward Gibbons of Englewood 
"Techs(John W. and Zach) were great - hard working and polite. Would recommend to friends and family."

Gayle Gleaton of Golden 
"Everyone was very nice and professional!!!"

Dorothy Platenberg of Golden 
"I was impressed with their regard for the floors and carpeting."

Bob Sheue of Golden 
"Very pleased with the work and equipment. Workers were very cooperative and friendly."

Marcella Hiebert Of Golden 
"The Gentlemen Were Very Helpful And Resourceful."

Mary Davis Of Highlands Ranch 
"Neatness! Great!"

Michael Batzer of Highlands Ranch 
"4 out of 5 times your techs have been early!! Way to go!! This is great service. Thanks!"

Gordon R. Hewell Of Lafayette 
"John And Will Did A Great Job, Two True Professionals, Give Them A Raise! They Make You Look Good."

Paul Beauchamp of Lakewood 
"I didn't see anything that you guys could do better! I am very happy with the job that got done, and I thought that Tom and the installation guys (Jake and Todd) did a great job with everything. This has been a great experience! Thanks guys!"

John Grow of Lakewood 
"Excellent job!"

Debra Pobuda Of Lakewood 
"They were great, thank you. The way they worked together made this job so fantastic!"

Nancy O'Keefe of Lakewood 
"I thought the overall experience was very good. Everyone I dealt with was very courteous, reliable and competent. My technicians a very caring attitude, as well as my original salesperson J.P."

Betty Geiger of Lakewood 
"Keep these guys, (James and Dean) they do a great job!"

Ardyth Fournier of Lakewood 
"We especially liked the thoroughness done by Scott for the estimate."

Sally Rydgren of Lakewood 
"The guys (Matt and Jeremy) were great. Did a good job"

Mike and Sue Foeloch of Littleton 
"You came highly recommended...We were not disappointed."

Sandy Craig of Littleton 
"Excellent Job!"

Helen Brown of Littleton 
"B&F was great to work with! Especially J.P. and Jake. We can give recommendation to others to use B&F, in fact we already have."

 Liang Baiping Of Littleton 
"Your Team Is Very Professional. It Took Them A Very Short Time To Get The Job Done.  I Would Highly Recommend This Team."

Penny Gonzalez of Littleton 

Kristy Collin of Littleton 
"Very informative from salesman to technicians."

Donald Chaysman of Littleton 
"Your technicians did an excellent job."

Micheal Reid of Littleton 
"I was very impressed with the technicians. They were very professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend your company."

Art Synanski of Louisville 
"The job and quality of work could not be improved by Jeremy and Kevin. They did a fantastic job!"

Gary Sloan of Louisville 
"Gregg and Charles were outstanding, careful, clean and friendly. Great work!"

Martha Folks Of Montbello 
"The Techs Were Very Professional."

Rob Stugell of Morrison 
"Thank you for being on time!"

Manny Lopez Of Northglenn 
"Extremely Knowledgeable And Friendly."

David Norin of Northglenn 
"Very satisfied with the tech's work and work ethic. Refreshing to see these two young men do a good days work and enjoy themselves. Showed very good respect to me, my wife, and our home."

Jill Berry Of Superior 
"You Were Recommended For Good Reason."

Richard Fierro Of Thornton 
"Very Neat Install, Looks Good!"

 Charles Wells of Thornton 
"The guys(Jeremy and Kevin) were a great team."

Karen and Rick Brainard of Thornton 
"Great Service - Friendly and Informative"

James Krause of Thornton 
"The knowledge of the crew was impressive. I feel comfortable I made the right choice in choosing Precision Air, Inc."

 Sam and Deb Wilson of Westminste
"Jake & James were very professional and 'down to earth,' worked consistently and are good representatives for your company. We appreciated how thoroughly they answered our questions. Estimator was also very thorough and pleasant."

Karen Pitts of Westminster 

Shirley Warby of Westminster 
"I was very pleased with the techs. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions very well."  

Barbara Bowers of Westminster 
"I was very impressed with the way the installation was handled."

Michael and Donna Moore Of Westminster 
"All Three Installers Were True Pro's - Really Appreciate The Great Job."

Alfred Manzanares of Westminster 
"Everything was EXCELLENT!"

Jennifer Erickson of Wheat Ridge 
"Everyone was great, all were courteous and pleasant. They worked together as a team. All seemed eager to work. I was very comfortable leaving them in my home."

Terry Briggs of Wheat Ridge 
"Gentlemen, I love the new heating system and the quality of the installation.  James and Steve even went so far as to remove rock so the pad for the compressor matched the grade of the landscaping.  We appreciate those types of details."