You can save money with discounts on repairs and reduced energy use.

Coffman & Company has customer discount programs available for you when you have your equipment maintained annually called our Service Club Membership Program. For a low annual rate, you will receive Priority Service, Discounted Rates and Special Savings plus a precision tune-up and safety check at the end of the agreement. This is a tremendous savings because you get all the discounts and benefits of the program plus the benefits of annual maintenance.

In many cases the discounts and energy savings add up to more than the price of the Service Club Membership Program.. When you think about the peace of mind that you will have in knowing your equipment has been checked for safety, proper operation and potential mechanical problems, the Service Club Membership Program. is a fantastic value.

A special low monthly payment option is also available to make it an even better value.

Make your best choice for:

Savings, response, reliability, protection, care and safety.

Service not selling.  These plans offer the BEST and most AFFORDABLE options to

avoid costly repair, replacement, loss of comfort, inconvenience or loss of safety.  

These plans are like SMOKE ALARMS, helping to prevent major problems

or putting the fire out before it becomes a catastrophe.


Front-of-the-line-pass •Member discounts

•Safer home…electric, gas, propane

•Great value •Home service updates • Energy Savings

•Comfort • Investment protection •Convenience of us contacting you




Prestige Service
$34.95 per month*
As a Platinum Club Member, you are guaranteed same day appointments,
 one FREE precision tune up annually, 75% off repairs and $49.00 diagnostic charge.


Prime Service
$24.95 per month*
As a Gold Club Member, you are guaranteed appointments in 24 hours,
one FREE precision tune up annually,  50% discount on repairs and $49.00 diagnostic charge.


Priority Service
$13.95 per month*
As a Silver Club Member, you are guaranteed appointments in 48 hours,
one FREE precision tune up annually,  20% discount on repairs and a $49.00 diagnostic charge.

*Membership fee per system.
Covers repairs as listed in Straight Foward Pricing.
Does not include pads, media, or special filters.